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Monday, August 29, 2011

Is it OK to just goof off sometimes?

Things have been very slow at work and I have had some extra time off this month. I have not been very productive but I have had fun. I have been working on scrapbooks and now I'm caught up and out of anything to scrapbook. I reorganized my "leftovers" and found some old favorite pictures. This is Jenny not scrapbooking because that was not a word then.
My husband keeps asking me, "When are you going to work?" I'm not sure what he really wants to know. 

Here she is with my other "old" hobby, sewing. My mother- in- law gave me this sewing machine when we got married. She had a new one. I made a lot of clothes for all of us and Jenny made her wedding dress on it. I still have the cabinet. One of my girls said to me once, "Mama, all you ever do is sew and read, sew and read." (anyone want to confess who said that? I wasn't sure what you were trying to say.) Check comments for an explanation. I'm sure someone will have one.

Here is Wendy and her poodle skirt I made. I just ordered one for Z. It's really not cost effective to sew any more. Patterns and fabric prices have gone way up and it is rare to be able to sew something for less than it would cost to buy it.
 Ok, I didn't make this, but isn't she cute? Her shirt says, "I'm going to be president, just as soon as I'm allowed to cross the street." I wonder if Sarah or Michelle had one of those shirts? Awww..look, there's our favorite cat, Pepper, over there

It makes me happy to walk by my table and see happy memories displayed. I took a picture of the latest one because I am about to change it. This one began with finding that plate at Salvation Army. I couldn't leave it there. The summer after high school my 2 best friends and I worked at Glorieta Baptist Assembly and it was a very happy time. I got out my pictures taken with my mother's Brownie and scanned them and made a collage. The tiny little black bible is one I bought while I was there and 2 years later gave it to my boyfriend for Christmas. (That would be Basil Frasure.)

OK, this is getting kind of mean,but here is said boyfriend. (Before I knew him) This is the only picture I have of him where he is not especially gorgeous. He doesn't read my blog so he will never know.
 We went by there and had lunch a few years ago and everything was a little different, but much the same, too.

The entrance with the flags was new and they had a new auditorium. Texas Hall where I worked was the same. Our dorm was the same, too, and I could see through the window our tiny room with 4 bunk beds.

We are at the bus station in Ft. Worth about to leave for the 18 hour trip to Glorieta. Me, Charlsie and Lucy.
We were all together in that tiny little room with Catholine McGhee from  Magnolia, Arkansas. She became a wonderful friend and we all loved her. I wish we were still in contact. I only know her maiden name. I wonder if she's on facebook!
Mr. and Mrs. Barton were my bosses at Texas Hall. They were very nice, too. We could have babysitting jobs at night for extra money when the guests asked us. We cleaned every day, but the big work day was on Wednesday when the conferences ended. Every other day was very easy.

I love all the flowers.
Recognize this? There was one of the eastern hemisphere, too. Missionary flowers!

 I could use some of that cool Sangre de Cristo Mountain air about now.  Jesus Regino, who is repairing our roof today, told me we had 8 more days of this over 100 degree Texas summer.

My 18 year old self. I loved to be non productive then, too. Things really don't change much, do they?


Meems said...

Wow! Your pic looks alot like Wendy!

Finding Joy in Him said...

I am loving your free time blog posts. At the ladies' retreat several of the speakers talked about remembering hearing their moms crying and praying a lot. I wondered what my kids would remember about me and thought about what i remembered about you. I couldn't remember you ever crying.. I wondered if you never cried or only cried when we were at school.. I remembered you doing morning devotions.. reading, sewing and cooking.

Wendy said...

I don't think it was me that said that, was it?

Loved this post. I laughed out loud about what you said about dad.

I should have dropped B off today. I needed a minus one.

Camezi said...

I want to show this blog entry to my friends. I still think M looks just like Dad, except the nose. I like the old pictures. I think I said all you ever do is read and sew. At least you didn't cry (referring to Jenny's comment). By, the way, I'm pretty sure that was my poodle skirt orginally. Wendy got it after me. Hers was a different color--probably blue. You always made me pink and her blue. At least that's the way I remember it.