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Thursday, October 22, 2009

My LuRay Collectables

One of my grandsons brought these down from the attic and I started researching, thinking of selling them. They don't seem to be selling on eBay and I like them so I made a little display in my kitchen. I was inspired by this blog;
They were manufactured from 1930-1960. These all have the date stamped on the back and were made from 1940-1945. During the 1950's, they stopped stamping the back. They belonged to my late mother in law, Josie Miller Frasure, and the antique dresser scarves and tea towels were also hers. I'm sure she or one of her sisters embroidered them.
The plate was my grandmother's and was given to my great grandmother for Christmas by her sister in 1908. The price was .25.

The antique highchair was stolen from a neighbor's trash.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Birthday Boys Act IV

I don't know why, but it always seems more exciting when two family members celebrate their birthdays together. Little brother helped a little with the candles.
Great cake, Wendy!

And now, to the important part!

Some assembly required.
Might need the instructions.
Baby brother is crawling and pulling up!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Climbing Walls and My Purple House

Yesterday at "Safety Day" : Mr. My do it. and Mr. Help me.
And Jenny's blog made me remember this. (
I think the people who lived here have moved to Huntsville, Alabama!

Do they still have the purple car?

Monday, October 12, 2009

The Shannon

I'm working on a little project for my co-workers and made this collage on Snapfish of the hospital. Still can't believe they do this for 9 cents!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Time flies when....or trying the bullet thing

After working five nights in a row, I have had a very enjoyable first day off. I know you all are very interested in what made my day so pleasant.

  • Took sleeping bags to some kids who are going to Sea World.
  • Went to Sam's.....checked out behind a guy who was shopping for a restaurant... His cart was very interesting.
  • Cleaned and did laundry while listening to Focus on the Family...and hid some more of my husbands very important stuff.
  • Went to Big Lots (again) to use my 20% off coupon. Yes, the cuddler was still there. I could have saved $80 if I had waited for that coupon.
  • E-mailed my boss and apologized for insisting that he tell me what I needed to know about the unit meeting yesterday morning instead of staying and actually going to the meeting.
  • Watched an episode of The Fugitive while eating taco salad. I am more than half through them. Today he was a migrant farm worker in the Rio Grande Valley and saved Lt. Gerard's life when a hurricane blew a plank off the shelter and severed an artery in his arm. Jonesie, played by actor Tim McIntire, is a farm worker with a guitar providing running commentary via folk songs throughout the episode. His real parents are in this episode, too. If you think I know way too much about this TV series, you could be right.
  • Found a new book (Picture Perfect by Jodi Piccoult) and a new pianist (Evgeny Kissin) to put on my player.
  • Messed with some of my grandchildren on facebook. I posted this photo of one of their cousins who infamously likes his other grandmother better than me. She is properly chagrined about the situation, but a little smug at the same time.
Please join me in hoping my husband does not ask me what I did today when he gets home.