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Thursday, November 27, 2008

Thankful on Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving day and a day of leisure for me. I was supposed to work, but somebody offered to work for me (thank you Connie!) so I all have to do today is fix a little tiny Cornish game hen for my sweetie. We considered driving to Lubbock for the day to be with family, but decided that since he has been sick with a cold, and slow to recover, and is working on Friday, it might be better for him to rest today so we will be thankful together today at home alone!
I finished my Rocky Mountain album yesterday. I will be forcing everyone to look at it and looking for some big compliments. Meanwhile, I have a few leftovers to show you. Here is one for those of you who thought those rocks look familiar: In 1977, it took 3 sisters to hold up that rock that M was holding up all by himself.
Basil and M made it all the way to Emerald Lake. This is one of my favorite photos from near the end of the hike. This is Hatlett's Peak for those of you who like names.

I made it to Nymph Lake and was very proud of myself and was rewarded with beautiful views. My Fugifilm 6000 and I hung around there a long time trying to capture some of God's best.
Royal Gorge at Canon City, Colorado was our first stop on the trip.

The train trip through the canyon was a new feature and was too tempting to resist. There is also a helicopter trip into the canyon and their big red helicopter buzzed us while we were on the train! We also saw fishermen, rafters and the water system built by convicts for the city while on the train.Skyline Drive is a very old and scary road in Canon City. We had been on it before but it had lost none of it's drama.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Wendy's Birthday

The boys had fun planning a surprise for Mommy's birthday. We had dinner, presents and a cake for her when she came to pick them up. Z sang "Happy Birthday" and helped blow out the candles.

The cake was not all that popular, however.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Lost Maples

Thanks to my very nice friend and partner at work, Terry, who worked a shift for me, I got 7 days off this week so we did some leaf peeping in the Texas Hill Country. Lost Maples is a State Natural Area where some bigfoot maple seeds blew in on a wind many, many years ago and gives us Texans a fall color display that rivals any found in New EnglandWe found this very nice place to stay at the Seven Bluffs Cabins and RV Park. We had some interesting neighbors.

All these critters were in our front yard where we could watch them from the porch.

We wished we had brought all of you with us to share !

It is a 20 acre Pecan Orchard on the Frio River near Leakey, Texas
One of the Seven Bluffs
We passed many little towns traveling to the park. Bandera had a museum where we found this steam tractor in their back yard. They also had a beautiful Catholic Church built by Polish Immigrants in 1876.We also liked the First Methodist Church in Utopia. We also found this "fabricmobile" in Utopia. (anybody remember bookmobiles?)Makes me think there may be a lot of quilters in the hill country.We also visited nearby Garner State Park.

Garner is also on the Frio River. There were people swimming in this river today. I asked them if the water was warm. They said, "NO!"
We aslo found another state natural area near Bandera, called Hill Country State Natural Area and had another hike by their river.
And a little bluff to climb for a lovely overview.
I am so grateful for this time in my life when we have more freedom to travel and enjoy God's beautiful world and each other. My prayer is that all of you will have a beautiful relaxing time in your lives, too, when your children are grown, happy in their own marriages, giving you lots of beautiful grandchildren and you can enjoy the fruit of your labors and the husbands of your youth.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Those river rocks are kind of slippery

Paradise RV Park: Our home while we visited Rocky Mountain National Park Dear Mom, This is where I fell in the river.
Unlike some places we have been, it was just like it's internet pictures. The Big Thompson River, with it's slippery rocks, was inches from our deck.
Our cabin was new manufactured housing.
Our living room with it's electric fireplace.

The kitchen where I learned I never want black appliances. They do not look clean, even when they are.

We were there on Basil's birthday. M made him an omlet for breakfast and I made him a microwave cake later. M was able to buy candles at Safeway without him knowing.

I was very happy to find this going on when I returned from my solitary shopping trip to Estes Park one afternoon.

They were delicious.

Sunday, November 2, 2008


Near Leadville We found this great place to spend our first night on the way home. We drove until almost dark then looked in our Frommer's guide, called this place and they had a vacancy. Mt. Princeton is one of the 14ers (Colorado has 14 mountains that are over 14,ooo ft) and their hot springs was really hot.
There was a wedding here during our visit and almost everyone else staying here was there for the wedding. Everyone knew each other and it was kind of fun to listen to their conversations. We found out more about the bride and groom than anyone should know.A lot of our information came from a group of ladies that ate breakfast at the same time as we did. I think they were the groom's aunts. We named this the bridge to nowhere.

A wild orchid growing under the bridge. Downstream from the hot springs. M said the springs in the river were too hot to be comfortable. I didn't venture into the springs in the creek, but stayed in the pool talking to some more aunts of the newlyweds. They were a very friendly and informative family.The wedding chapel

Old Fall Creek Road (back in the park) If you are thinking I have lost my mind, skipping from the trip home, back into the park, you could be right.

The boys were always looking for a place to practice their slingshot skills.

If you can see those tall sticks on each side of the road, they are to guide the snow plows.Sunset on Fall Creek RoadWe came upon this view rounding a switchback on the way home. I gasped, Basil applied the brakes, we all piled out with cameras in hand and my batteries fell out on the road. The lights are Estes Park.