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Thursday, November 27, 2008

Thankful on Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving day and a day of leisure for me. I was supposed to work, but somebody offered to work for me (thank you Connie!) so I all have to do today is fix a little tiny Cornish game hen for my sweetie. We considered driving to Lubbock for the day to be with family, but decided that since he has been sick with a cold, and slow to recover, and is working on Friday, it might be better for him to rest today so we will be thankful together today at home alone!
I finished my Rocky Mountain album yesterday. I will be forcing everyone to look at it and looking for some big compliments. Meanwhile, I have a few leftovers to show you. Here is one for those of you who thought those rocks look familiar: In 1977, it took 3 sisters to hold up that rock that M was holding up all by himself.
Basil and M made it all the way to Emerald Lake. This is one of my favorite photos from near the end of the hike. This is Hatlett's Peak for those of you who like names.

I made it to Nymph Lake and was very proud of myself and was rewarded with beautiful views. My Fugifilm 6000 and I hung around there a long time trying to capture some of God's best.
Royal Gorge at Canon City, Colorado was our first stop on the trip.

The train trip through the canyon was a new feature and was too tempting to resist. There is also a helicopter trip into the canyon and their big red helicopter buzzed us while we were on the train! We also saw fishermen, rafters and the water system built by convicts for the city while on the train.Skyline Drive is a very old and scary road in Canon City. We had been on it before but it had lost none of it's drama.


WILAI said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you and the family. Enjoy your day off.

Camezi said...

beautiful pictures! M is VERY strong.

Finding Joy in Him said...

Didn't comb his hair? He's starting to sound like James. I told James that he has to shave for our family photo.. he is starting to grow a little more thicker/darker beard now. It has a tinge of red in it.