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Thursday, December 4, 2008

Flower Girls

One of my granddaughters is going to be a flower girl this weekend. I went into my scrapbook archives to reminisce about some other flower girls in our family. Here is Miss J at her Aunt Wendy's wedding. She was five. Her brother is ring bearer and was seven. They were so cute!
I don't think anybody told her to do this, but she stopped and gave flowers to some of the guests on her way down the aisle! Here she is with the bride.
Wendy was flower girl at her sister, Jenny's wedding. She was ten. Here she is with little Mary Beth. Mary Beth recently came to see us and brought 2 little boys of her own!
Courtney and Wendy were flower girls at their Aunt Ruthie's wedding. They were four and five. Their big sister, Jenny, is standing behind them. She was thirteen and a bridesmaid.


Camezi said...

those are some cute flower girls!

Seven Danforth's said...

ohhh yes indeed, cute flower girls!

Finding Joy in Him said...

Wow! Thanks for sharing the old photos.