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Sunday, March 29, 2009

Baby Dedication

Baby B dedicated to the Lord today at church. Aunt, Uncle and cousins came to visit.
Another photo of a pretty girl.

A New Cousin

The Cousins came to visit B this weekend. He is in the van because he is on his way to get his jaundice checked. (He is more checks until his regular checkup)

Looks like most of them are suitably impressed.

B slept peacefully through C's "Cousin's Birthday Party".Our girl is as lovely as ever.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Our new baby

Here he is! All 7lbs 5oz. 18.5 inches of him. Everyone is doing fine. Z is very happy. C was glad to see his Mom. He wanted her jello. We are very grateful for 11 healthy, beautiful grandchildren.

Sunday, March 22, 2009


When I was six, the thing I wanted most was to be able to read. I wanted to read the comics. My dad would read them to me. I didn't learn how to read until I was almost 7...since I was born in December and there was no kindergarten where I lived. My mother tried to teach me how to read when I was five, but I could not remember the alpahbet. I remember getting stuck on "B". I guess she didn't know the song.

When I finally learned how to read there was no stopping me. Being able to read was a reward at my house. I had to practice before I was free to read the comics. One Sunday at the dinner table, there was another incident related to practicing and my desire to read the comics. Here is how that went:
Daddy: "The funnies were sure funny today."

Me: (muttering under my breath, surly and pouty as usual) "Shut up!"

Well, it turns out that was not the right thing to say. (My daddy apologised to me for getting me in trouble later.)

I still read the comics. And I don't practice first.

My all time favorite is Charlie Brown.

A friend at church introduced me to the library when I was 9. I don't think I have missed more than two weeks visiting there since that day. My first book to check out was Nancy Drew. In those days, you could only check out 10 books at one time. I rode the bus to the downtown Ft. Worth library on Saturday and my 10 books were read by Tuesday. My daddy would know when I came outside to greet him when he came home from work that I had finished all my books.

Here's what I am reading today:

I have met some characters that have a very different background, experiences and lifestyle than me in this book, which makes me more grateful. I was going to say more compassionate, but I'm not sure you would believe that. I am more compassionate on the inside, anyway. I guess I am famous for my lack of compassion. My husband likes to use that character flaw in his sermon illustrations. Recently he was talking about an experience he had and here is what he said to a audience of 200 people: "My wife is a nurse and at that time, she worked in the operating room. You pretty much had to have a body part amputated to get her attention." There are some other things that will get my attention, but I really don't think it would be to my benefit to make them public knowledge.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Gifts and Garage Sales

One of my daughters had a garage sale this weekend and I rescued some very nice things from her garage. I am a big believer in giving people only what they want/ask for and now I am an even bigger believer in that philosophy. However, I have another problem. I am reluctant to buy myself souvenirs when I travel, even though I enjoy the memories they bring. So sometimes buy something I want and take it home to give to someone else. I bought that bear necklace from Elena at Taos Pueblo and the cookbook at the gift shop at Mather Lodge at Petit Jean State Park. I was very happy to get them back.

I rescued this Precious Moments cross stitch that her Aunt Freda made for her, too. I told her I would give it to her sister who collects Precious Moments but I think there is an empty place on the wall in Ben's room for it. I may sneak it in there.

I think I know who gave her these very nice books. I hope they don't read my blog. There are no food stains on them like all my cookbooks. They had never been opened. Maybe I will use them to make meals for her the next time she has a baby or something.

It's a New Day in My World

At C's birthday party Sunday, I came To realize I was not his favorite Grandmother! This is a totally new experience for me. I have 10 grandchildren and if I was not every one's favorite grandmother, they have all kept it a secret from me. (And I hope they continue to do so.)
This is "Bemaw", C and Z's other grandmother. He is crazy about her! The whole party, he was either in her lap or talking to her.
After every gift he unwrapped, he took it to show it to her. Well, she really is a nice person and she does treat those boys nice. I am just going to have to work harder!

I welcome any and all advice.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Birthday Party

He's two and loves dogs! Mom made him another one of her amazing cakes: And just way too cute invitations:
Can't wait to see the thank you notes. Guess I better get him a gift or I won't see them!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Feeling Groovy Part 2

After trying to get this song to play with my slideshow of Z &C (last post) I give up.Here is a youtube link so you can hear one of my favorite funky 60's songs. I know you wouldn't want to miss hearing this! I have a vivid memory of driving back to Abilene from Ft. Worth singing along with this one at the top of my voice.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

I have a new computer!

I have been complaining bitterly about my slow computer for months. I realized that I was not going to have enough memory for Turbo Tax a few weeks ago, so we got serious and my resident geek consulted with his geek friends and found a new one for me. It not only was on sale at Office Depot, has a rebate, but he also had a big rewards card! This thing was practically free! It is still in the box and I am trying to figure out how to save all my bookmarks and programs. So if you don't hear from me for a while, you will know I either lost your information or I can't find the on button.

Monday, March 2, 2009

I do enjoy my beautiful granddaughters!

So happy to have some new photos of Princess J. I hope you all you young ladies will enjoy your youthful beauty and not concentrate on your few little flaws. That is one thing I regret about the way I viewed myself in the past. I look back at some of my old photos and think: "Well, I didn't look so bad. Not perfect, but not as bad as I thought!" It has been a lazy week for us, as my dear husband caught a cold after his "Procedure" and has been spending a lot of time sleeping. On my days off, since it was so boring around here, I just read and fell asleep, woke up, read, and fell back asleep! I think he is better today...hope so!