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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Our Thanksgiving

              We were happy that Courtney and her children were able to come for Thanksgiving. Allister had to work. He will be graduating in 2 weeks with a masters degree in nursing and starting a new job as manager of Pediatrics.                                                                        
                          Son #3 bought himself a hat. I think he's pretty cool.
                                                   Just the girls
                                                     Miss Gorgeous
      Aunt Courtney got cousin #1 a hat, while she was black Friday shopping. I think it was a hit.
                                            Brothers with one cousin
                          Some times you just feel like climbing the wall.
 It's a good day when you have grandchildren who are willing to play your favorite game with you.
                                          a stage for soft shoe
 Mom had a talk with the kids about cooperating with my photography obsession before they came.
                                             Cousin #4 loves balls.
                                                    Saying goodbye