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Sunday, March 25, 2012

A Texas Spring

I am always a little disappointed in our photographs of bluebonnets and wildflowers. You just can't document the experience of driving through mile after mile, of the seas of blue,yellow, pink, white and orange.

I know this is not good theology, but I'm pretty sure Lady Bird went straight to heaven. No one could cooperate with God, restoring his wildflowers  like she did, without experiencing His love and care.
I love Indian Paintbrush almost as much as bluebonnets.

These goats had a dog watching them and when we stopped, he came up to the fence to great us and the goats all got up and came, too.

These stones are a frequent site around Mason. Ft. Mason was built with them in 1846 and after the fort closed, the settlers used them for their homes and whatever else they needed.

Our B&B was 2 miles down  a dirt road near Mason.

The highway department has made a pull out space so everyone can stop and see the bald eagles nesting near Llano. This is one of a pair who have made their home here for many years. Bald eagles mate for life and both watch the eaglets, taking turns going out to look for food.

We loved our room, "Treetop". It was wall to wall windows overlooking the Llano River.

The view from our window

The B&B fed the birds and we saw this guy hanging out everyday.

Monday, March 12, 2012


I am out of pictures to scrapbook again and going through my albums where I sometimes stick stray photos. I found some pictures of Freda's family to scrapbook and thought you all would enjoy this.