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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Help me choose colors for my bathroom makeover

It seems the colors this season for bathrooms are #1: grey and aqua or

#2: brown and beige. The colors are a little off in the pictures, but in real life they match. This shower curtain is described as a chenille stripe.Or #3: aqua and beige. This is the same shower curtain in aqua instead of beige. The towel looks darker in the picture, but it is really the same color as the curtain.

This is me today. I wore my socks to the mall to shop for shower curtains.

I am happy to report I started back to weight watchers 3 weeks ago and have lost 6.8 pounds. Even lost 1 during Christmas week. A big thank you to Jesus! Now I need to put those socks into some shoes and hit the street.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010


Last year, after visiting The Arboretum in Dallas and seeing the thousands of Nativities displayed, I ordered some for my house from ebay. I had fun decorating with them this year. This one is in the kitchen on a bookcase. This one is on a little shelf above the bookcase
with this one.

These are also on the bookcase. (My Native American heritage overcomes me at times.)

I have my old, childproof ones on the bookcase, too, with the books I want to read to my grandchildren.

In the den on the piano

and on the table This one I bought in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

and the entertainment cabinet...this is another old one That is my digital photo frame with pictures of my family in the middle. I need a larger picture there. Maybe I will make my family dress in pink and blue for our Christmas photo this year and enlarge it for this space next year. I know they would be happy to do that for me.
The mantel

This one really needs to be a little larger for the mantel. Maybe I will look for a larger one for next year.

also on the mantle This one is a music box snow globe.

This one is in the window but I had to move it to get the picture.

I found a little strand of battery operated lights, too.

Friday, December 3, 2010

The Absolutely Last Cruise Pages

Halifax, Nova Scotia was our last stop. I got my pages out of order. This page is the ship leaving the port. I think the people on this ship were feeling no pain....they were waving and shouting to us. It was another beautiful sunset and as usual, we could not tear ourselves away from it until it was totally dark.
Peggy's Cove is a small fishing village near Halifax. Our bus took us there and we got to stay and hour and 15 minutes. When we got off the bus and looked around, I told Basil, I feel like a mosquito in a nudist colony. (Know what to do but not where to start)

I also told him when we left, that if we had been on our own with a car, we would have stayed a week.

The famous lighthouse....the challenge was photo shopping all the people out! There were lots and lots of people was a big bus. There was one guy who kept pacing back and forth in front of it, talking on his cell. There were at least a dozen people waiting near us to take a picture, and there were some unflattering things said about him. (Not by us, of course)

This church was on the way back to Halifax. The guide let us off the bus again!

We stopped at Citadel Hill in Halifax, too. It is a military fortress established by the British in 1749. Halifax harbor is one of the largest natural harbors in the world and was an important port in WWI and WWII.
I was very interested in the Halifax explosion that took place during WW I
in 1917 and read several books about it before our trip. It was caused by
the collision of a ship carrying munitions to Europe with a ship carrying
relief supplies. All structures for 1.25 square miles were obliterated.
The explosion cause a tsunami in the harbour and a pressure wave of air that snapped trees, bent iron and carried fragments of the ships for miles. It killed 2,000 people, injured 9,000 more and left 10,000 homeless and without shelter. 12 doctors treated 592 people for eye injuries. 249 of them had eyes removed, 16 of them had both eyes removed. The eye injuries were mostly caused by flying shards of shattered glass.
The following day a blizzard hit the city, hindering recovery and rescue efforts. In the following week, help came from all over North America and donations from all over the world. The most celebrated relief effort came from Boston and every Christmas Nova Scotia sends a tree for the Boston Common as a thank you for their help during the explosion.

We had a little time to walk the streets of Halifax. The mansion is the official residence of the Premier of Nova Scotia.
This is the cover of my album. Do you think I should leave that on the front? I thought it would help me find it. With 70 albums laying around, sometimes I have trouble finding the one I want.
This one of my pocket pages. I have 3 in this album. I had street maps from most of the towns we visited to use for the backgrounds.

When I was almost finished, I found some more pictures of New Bruswick.
This page is the mall, city market and street scenes of St John. Husband does not like the moose in the middle, but I do. I just knew I was going to see a moose and get a picture but this is the only one I saw.

These are more Reversing Rapids and Le Peau falls. I was surprised to find so many wild flowers in September in Canada.