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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Help me choose colors for my bathroom makeover

It seems the colors this season for bathrooms are #1: grey and aqua or

#2: brown and beige. The colors are a little off in the pictures, but in real life they match. This shower curtain is described as a chenille stripe.Or #3: aqua and beige. This is the same shower curtain in aqua instead of beige. The towel looks darker in the picture, but it is really the same color as the curtain.

This is me today. I wore my socks to the mall to shop for shower curtains.

I am happy to report I started back to weight watchers 3 weeks ago and have lost 6.8 pounds. Even lost 1 during Christmas week. A big thank you to Jesus! Now I need to put those socks into some shoes and hit the street.


Wendy said...

I saw your curtains when I came by to get my coupons. I wished you were there to ask you about them. I like the aqua. I thought the brown on brown was a little boring.

Finding Joy in Him said...

I like the aqua, too. I think they should get extra bonus points for matching your socks.

Camezi said...

I like the 1st picture the best, but I see I'm already outvoted. #3 is my 2nd choice. I'm glad the socks fit.