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Monday, August 5, 2013

TEXAS: Outdoor Musical Drama at Pala Dura Canyon

 My favorite part was when the cowboy kissed his girl and lightening split a huge tree in half.

Zion wants to be an actress. I told her that if she could get a job in this musical next summer, I would come and stay with her and we could camp in a tent at the park all summer. She was with me right up until the tent.

I got in trouble with Ms. Vegan for buying her daughter blue poison. (slurpee) She only told me not to buy her soda.
We got a backstage tour with a cute Baylor coed. She took some pictures for us. I hope her major is not photography. We "posterized" this one in photoshop just for fun.

I was surprised with how many horses are in the play. I knew about the one that rides across the top of the canyon with the Texas flag at the beginning, but there are many more all through the play. The special effects were pretty impressive,too.... fireworks, trains, all kinds of  props and water displays.

All my life, I have read and seen pictures of the Cadallac Ranch at Amarillo. I was determined to see it, so now you don't have to. Zion and Isaac are wishing they didn't have to.

And more cute/handsome grandchildren: I stole this from facebook. Josh is caving this summer. 
A few weeks ago, I had the Lindsey boys for a couple of days while their parents went to Dallas to a wedding. I didn't have time to take many pictures, but I did get them to clean my house.