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Sunday, April 7, 2013

5x7 Folded Card

Shutterfly offered me 10 free cards so I made an "anniversary card" for our grandchildren's scrapbooks.


The Morris' came to visit. Malachi is not in the picture because he was sick. I did 4 posts today, so be sure and go back and look at all of would not want to miss any pictures of my grandchildren!
It was Jack's first hunt. His brother's hid the eggs for him. (and also found them)
I wanted to go to the railroad museum because I heard they had an antique camera display. They didn't have many cameras on display, but it was an enjoyable visit and there were a lot of volunteers who loved to talk.
Our grass is all dead due to the drought we have been experiencing. We got a letter from the city that we had to mow our weeds, anyway, so Papa and Elijah got that done.
Some days, the kids like to look at their scrapbooks.
Today, Jack points toward the back door (the last place he saw her) and says, "Mama" every time he finds a picture of his mom.


                                              Caedon is 6. Ben is 4.

Angry Bird birthday cake  (made by their mom)
Caedon's birthday was a week after the party. He told me to make cupcakes and get him another gift. (We believe in asking for what you want.)

South Concho Park

March 2013    Please no comments about how bad I am at trading heads. 

We waved at the kayakers.

And threw some rocks.
This is one of the few parks in town that has not been renovated and the guys loved getting to play on the old fashioned equipment that is gone from most of our parks.

They really love these huge, probably dangerous, old slides. Jack was the first one to reach it and he was up the stairs in a flash.

A couple of us got dumped off the see-saw.

Looks kind of like he could have been a dumper, doesn't it?
We stayed long enough to enjoy one of our favorite things about west Texas....sunsets. Can't beat 'em.

Linville Falls, North Carolina

Since I can't seem to get motivated to show you the rest of our southeast trip, I am going to show you the ones I have already prepared and then move on to the really important pictures I want to show you. (some of which are grandchildren)

Linville Falls was one of the first and favorite waterfall we visited on the Blue Ridge Parkway.

It was a really nice hike and as you climbed, a different view of the falls could be viewed. Each one was better than the last.

We also enjoyed Jamestown and learned a lot of history. It is near Williamsburg, but smaller and perfect for us since we did not plan a visit to any of these sites. I really did not know they were so near Virginia Beach. This was another example of how Texans do not expect everything to be so close and accessible. We are accustomed to driving all day to do or see anything.