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Saturday, May 26, 2012

Mo Ranch: Favorite Scenes

Our grandchildren

"Our House" I always have to get a pic of Nickolas Barn with our cars.

Chapel on the hill  (There was a wedding here Sunday morning. We didn't see it, but we heard the music.)

The Guadalupe River from Chapel on the Hill

The Guadalupe River from Inspiration Point

lots of rocks to throw

Trail to the rapids

 Wildflowers were beautiful this year, not only at Mo, but on the highways, too.

The chapel (these 2 guys, who might be related to me, subsequently, rang the bell as they walked by.)

Another method of transportation to the rapids

The rapids are everyone's favorite place.

The slide is good...but it's easy to get stuck if you are big.

The rope swing

The turkey buzzards seem like they are flying right next to you at chapel on the hill.

Inspiration point hiking trail

Lots of critters. Also spotted: a grey fox, a centepede, a dragonfly caught in a spider's web, deer and a black cat.

Attempting to capture the beauty of the wildflowers, but too much sunshine.

 Inspiration Point...I love all the red roofs.

My daughter also has some new pics on her blog:

Monday, May 21, 2012

Walking to Garage Sales

We have a lot of garage sales in our neighborhood and sometimes I like to put some quarters in my pocket and walk to them on Saturday morning. Here is my haul from this week.     Ike is the first president I remember and I just read his autobiography.  The pink stuff is for my "Brides and Babies" display and the frame is going on the shelf with my mother's day gifts when I get a picture of my daughters and me. All this for $3!
I like this blog:            She buys at garage and estate sales and thrift stores and resells them. You can also post a link on her blog to your thrifty blog, and I love to see what everyone bought.
Got this for .50.
I am becoming a clutter collector since I replaced my piano with a bookcase.
I have found several places to display my clutter in my house and I like to change them on dusting day.

I  am really enjoying displaying my scrapbooks.  I turn the page sometimes when I walk by. I counted scrapbooks last week and I have 118.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Mo Moments

So happy everyone could come this year!
Here are some of my favorite moments from our family reunion at Mo Ranch. ... the river rope swing...hope we had permission for this.

 Malachi moment #1 The key is lost? No problem.

Malachi moment #2

"That wasn't bad. It scared the c.... out of me when I was 10!"

Malachi moment #3. Hey, give me your knife and I'll make a stick to roast the marshmallows.

3 minutes later

No clue

"Very nice bathtub, Mom."

Desperately hoping that christian rap on a boom box at the basketball court was not on the list of things not to do that I lost.

"Heck, no, I don't need a backpack for my baby."
Free ride across the river.
Doesn't everyone play Leapster  in this position?
Maybe I shouldn't have taken him here...everyone was treated to  a sermon Sunday night.
Double for your trouble. We got it.
It's the family business...hiking
One of these guitars is not like the other.
It's the dreaded family picture day.
"Your call is very important to us. Press 1 for Japanese."
If you get caught, alone, by a girl cousin, you may be tortured.
This one increased the population of adults on the front porch.
The IT couch
Slingshot prepared to meet your Goliath
"So, Jack, what do you think about your 1st family reunion?"
So glad he only knows 4 words.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

My Mother's Day Loot

My daughters and I had a Mother's Day together this year.
I found a place to display my gifts where I can see them several times a day.
They got the idea for this necklace on Pinterest. There is a birthstone for every member of our family...all 20 of us.( I am going to wear this, but wanted to see it every day, too.)
You may be beginning to think we all like to make stuff.
She chose her favorite verse from different translations. They said they did not plan for all the colors to match.
I wanted to show you where I put my babies and brides pics  in the kitchen. I need a sign that says, "I am proud to like girls and pink".