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Thursday, May 17, 2012

My Mother's Day Loot

My daughters and I had a Mother's Day together this year.
I found a place to display my gifts where I can see them several times a day.
They got the idea for this necklace on Pinterest. There is a birthstone for every member of our family...all 20 of us.( I am going to wear this, but wanted to see it every day, too.)
You may be beginning to think we all like to make stuff.
She chose her favorite verse from different translations. They said they did not plan for all the colors to match.
I wanted to show you where I put my babies and brides pics  in the kitchen. I need a sign that says, "I am proud to like girls and pink".

1 comment:

Camezi said...

We do all like to make stuff! :) We are made in our Creator's image!