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Tuesday, December 7, 2010


Last year, after visiting The Arboretum in Dallas and seeing the thousands of Nativities displayed, I ordered some for my house from ebay. I had fun decorating with them this year. This one is in the kitchen on a bookcase. This one is on a little shelf above the bookcase
with this one.

These are also on the bookcase. (My Native American heritage overcomes me at times.)

I have my old, childproof ones on the bookcase, too, with the books I want to read to my grandchildren.

In the den on the piano

and on the table This one I bought in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

and the entertainment cabinet...this is another old one That is my digital photo frame with pictures of my family in the middle. I need a larger picture there. Maybe I will make my family dress in pink and blue for our Christmas photo this year and enlarge it for this space next year. I know they would be happy to do that for me.
The mantel

This one really needs to be a little larger for the mantel. Maybe I will look for a larger one for next year.

also on the mantle This one is a music box snow globe.

This one is in the window but I had to move it to get the picture.

I found a little strand of battery operated lights, too.


Sarah said...

Those are lovely.
(A fellow pea.)

Wendy said...

Should we pose in a nativity scene for the picture? I thought it'd be cute to set out all my Christmas books, too. Haven't done it though.

April Michelle said...

wow you have so many and they are all so great.

ScrappnBee said...

Love the nativities! I just bought the cricut cart for that, and have a Fontaninni Nativity in my home! My kids love coming down in the morning and see where Mary & Joseph have moved...same with the wise men... all progressing to the manger!

Finding Joy in Him said...

I love the native american one.. I love so many of them.. and not the ones you see just everywhere.. Very nice!