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Saturday, March 21, 2009

Gifts and Garage Sales

One of my daughters had a garage sale this weekend and I rescued some very nice things from her garage. I am a big believer in giving people only what they want/ask for and now I am an even bigger believer in that philosophy. However, I have another problem. I am reluctant to buy myself souvenirs when I travel, even though I enjoy the memories they bring. So sometimes buy something I want and take it home to give to someone else. I bought that bear necklace from Elena at Taos Pueblo and the cookbook at the gift shop at Mather Lodge at Petit Jean State Park. I was very happy to get them back.

I rescued this Precious Moments cross stitch that her Aunt Freda made for her, too. I told her I would give it to her sister who collects Precious Moments but I think there is an empty place on the wall in Ben's room for it. I may sneak it in there.

I think I know who gave her these very nice books. I hope they don't read my blog. There are no food stains on them like all my cookbooks. They had never been opened. Maybe I will use them to make meals for her the next time she has a baby or something.


Wendy said...

Sorry. I was on a mission to make more room.

Finding Joy in Him said...

No one ever gives me anything... and I think now I'd like to keep it that way.