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Sunday, November 2, 2008


Near Leadville We found this great place to spend our first night on the way home. We drove until almost dark then looked in our Frommer's guide, called this place and they had a vacancy. Mt. Princeton is one of the 14ers (Colorado has 14 mountains that are over 14,ooo ft) and their hot springs was really hot.
There was a wedding here during our visit and almost everyone else staying here was there for the wedding. Everyone knew each other and it was kind of fun to listen to their conversations. We found out more about the bride and groom than anyone should know.A lot of our information came from a group of ladies that ate breakfast at the same time as we did. I think they were the groom's aunts. We named this the bridge to nowhere.

A wild orchid growing under the bridge. Downstream from the hot springs. M said the springs in the river were too hot to be comfortable. I didn't venture into the springs in the creek, but stayed in the pool talking to some more aunts of the newlyweds. They were a very friendly and informative family.The wedding chapel

Old Fall Creek Road (back in the park) If you are thinking I have lost my mind, skipping from the trip home, back into the park, you could be right.

The boys were always looking for a place to practice their slingshot skills.

If you can see those tall sticks on each side of the road, they are to guide the snow plows.Sunset on Fall Creek RoadWe came upon this view rounding a switchback on the way home. I gasped, Basil applied the brakes, we all piled out with cameras in hand and my batteries fell out on the road. The lights are Estes Park.


Wendy said...

Guess you got to get your gossip from somewhere. Beautiful Photos!!

Camezi said...

these pictures are wow! you are determined to keep rubbing it in as long as possible, aren't you?

Crystal said...

Gorgeous photos! Looks like a great trip.

Edumentor said...

These pictures are incredible. They could be in a travel brochure.

Finding Joy in Him said...

When do I get to go?