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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Bear Lake

We arrived at Bear Lake just in time for me to go on the ranger
hike. M and Basil wanted to go on to Emerald Lake and I knew I probably wouldn’t make it that far so we parted ways for a few hours. At the first of the hike, I was the only participant, so I enjoyed talking to Don Irwin and asking some questions. I have to admit I have a very high opinion of park rangers. I tried to get Basil to go into that field, but he just laughed at me. I still think he would make a good park ranger. I even asked Ranger Irwin if he had read my favorite author, Nevada Barr and he said, "Yes" so we talked about her books. She is a former park ranger and writes mysteries set in national parks. He talked about the trees, rocks, fish and birds and also some of his experiences in the park. He explained the different kinds of park rangers which I had not understood before. At the end of the hike he stood by a 400 year old tree and recited a children’s book called, "The Grandpa Tree". This is a very sweet book and he did a great job reciting it. It was made even more touching because he knew the author who lived near the park.

M on the trail to Dream Lake


Hi! I'm Grace said...

oh wow! i've just seen the best blog in the world. what can i say? nice pictures, nice template, nice post and above all that attracts me is the fact that this blog owns by a christian, because i am one, too. do you mind if i add your blog to my list?

Camezi said...

gorgeous pictures! still jealous.

Lemon Cupcakes said...

What gorgeous scenery! And thanks for the tip on a new author. I love finding new books to read. :)

Hi! I'm Grace said...

i'm here again... and these pictures still made me look at it in awe. Thank you for allowing me to add your blog to my list. I will be on look out for your next post.

Linda said...

Beautiful country and great photos!

Finding Joy in Him said...

I've thought about becoming a park ranger when I grow up... but I have that problem of being a city girl.

I had a friend in FL whose husband was a park ranger. She kept Sally for us a few times and made no promises about not allowing her be eaten by the alligators. I think I'd rather be a park ranger in CO or TN.