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Friday, October 10, 2008

Our Colorado Trip

One of our first stops was Colorado Springs. We rode the cog train to the top of Pikes Peak. You can drive but it is like putting 20,000 miles on your car. It is very cold and the air is very thin at the top. M and I were dizzy and had to sit in the coffee shop a while with our heads on the table. We learned that the song, "America the Beautiful" was inspired after Katherine Lee Bates saw this view.
The view through the front window of the trainAn eagle in flightThe Colorado flag through the window of a visitors center:


Camezi said...

what happened to your genius award?

Elayne said...

You embarrassed me into taking it off. I really didn't mean to leave it there, just wanted to learn how to do it. I really did forget it was there.
I was also trying to get my slideshow posted and was having trouble with that.
My IQ is far below genius level, but I am grateful for what I have.