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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Memories and photos

I recently received the sad news that my Aunt Frankie had passed away so I drug out my family album and found some photos. Aunt Frankie is my dad's older brother, Melton's, wife. Uncle Melton was 2 years older than my dad and they were very close when they were boys on the farm in Oklahoma. Aunt Frankie and he were married when he got home from WWII and were the first ones in our family to move to Ft. Worth. We lived near them when we first moved there when I was 4. They had 3 sons who were a little younger than me. This is Uncle Melton, Aunt Frankie and their oldest son, Marvin. She was expecting another son. My cousins, Marvin, Delbert and Gerald, their sons.
They also had another son, while we lived near them, who was born with a heart defect. I will never forget how sad we were to hear that the doctor had told them there was nothing to be done for him and to take him home. I remember the funeral and how sad it was to see the tiny little coffin at the front of the church. That would have been in 1950's at the beginning of the advances in heart surgery.
Uncle Melton and Aunt Frankie were so helpful to Mama and I during my Dad's last illness. When they visited us Uncle Melton would mow the yard and do chores for us and she helped us in the house. They're visits were a welcome break in our lonely and sad routine while we were caring for Daddy.
Goodbye, Aunt Frankie, I look forward to seeing you in heaven.

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Wendy said...

Sorry to hear about your Aunt. I'm glad you have such great memories of her.