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Thursday, October 22, 2009

My LuRay Collectables

One of my grandsons brought these down from the attic and I started researching, thinking of selling them. They don't seem to be selling on eBay and I like them so I made a little display in my kitchen. I was inspired by this blog;
They were manufactured from 1930-1960. These all have the date stamped on the back and were made from 1940-1945. During the 1950's, they stopped stamping the back. They belonged to my late mother in law, Josie Miller Frasure, and the antique dresser scarves and tea towels were also hers. I'm sure she or one of her sisters embroidered them.
The plate was my grandmother's and was given to my great grandmother for Christmas by her sister in 1908. The price was .25.

The antique highchair was stolen from a neighbor's trash.


Camezi said...

Looks like a good use for them. :)

Jillian said...

Elayne! Love your LuRay! Thanks so much for giving me a link. There is just something very special about these dishes and charmed me the minute I saw them "Oh so many years ago!"

Glad you have kept them and displayed them. They look great!

And wow, what a great find in the trash...the highchair!

Wendy said...

You're really making it difficult to take Ben over there!

geek details said...

I love all the old things you have on display! They look lovely

Finding Joy in Him said...

I love the color and history.

My mom trained me to think of all such decorations as "dust collectors."

Where can we find dust free decorating?

Jingle said...

That looks so pretty!