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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Dog Days

I never knew what that phrase "Dog days of summer" meant until this year. I am counting the weeks until these 108 degree days will come to an end. Maybe 5 more weeks, I'm hoping. We got to go to Big Springs with our Texas branches of the family  to this new water park last weekend. I have been off work a lot lately and that was a good result of getting an unexpected weekend off.
Our 5 year old lost his first tooth last week. He consulted our family tooth puller, Papa, and took this one home to put under his pillow.

Don't you love it when they start to talk and smile and laugh ?
I have been scrapbooking a lot. It's too hot to go anywhere or do anything. I got my Alabama book done and have been working on all the grandchildren's books.

It was exciting to start the newest member of our family's book.

His mom is a great photographer!

I am working on Judi's book today. This is my next page. I found this old picture of Aunt Wendy when she went to help Judi's mom when she was born in Illinois and I can put it with the pictures of Judi helping Wendy's family. They were the same age..17.
While I scrapbook, I like to listen to library books on my MP3 player. I'm almost finished with this one.

1 comment:

Wendy said...

Love that picture of Jack.

I'm glad you're scrapbooking mine and Judi's experiences together. Cute idea.

You forgot to mention what Ca asked Z after his tooth was pulled. I should blog about that too. Maybe I need a day off.