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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Pink Kitchens

 This is the house where I grew up. After I saw a thread on my favorite message board, ( about "things in your mother's house", I looked for this picture. It was taken in 1960 after my parents remodeled their kitchen. I remember my high school homemaking teacher had to do a home visit to check on my homemaking project right after it was completed and she was pretty impressed. She liked my project, too, and gave me an A. Maybe I will find a picture of it.
While I was looking for that picture, I found this one of me and my grandmother on laundry day. This was a very modern laundry room and was a big step up from the rub board which most women in their community were still using . She and my mother always made sure I had on my bonnet when I went outside to prevent freckles.  I also remember my grandmother was always worried I would get my hand in the "wringer" and she did not put bras through the wringer since it messed up the hooks.
This is my mother when she was in college. She majored in music at Southeastern Oklahoma State College.


Wendy said...

:) How did I not know that you mom was a music major? Love the old pics!

Finding Joy in Him said...

Learned a bunch. Thank you.

Camezi said...

I love the old pictures! I've seen that picture of her, but I didn't know she was a music major, either! Wow. Cool.