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Saturday, September 3, 2011

Granny School

 B has been visiting me for a couple of hours when I am off work while his big brothers have school. It's nice to have one on one time with them... and also easier to get some photos! On this day, we worked on separating colors.

 He likes the ABC song. I put a bunch of songs on my MP3 player, but he only wanted ABC so I put 26 versions on there. Some of them he likes better than others. This is the primary reason he likes to come to Granny's house.
One day, we went shopping and took the ABC song with us. It was "old people shopping" day at Walmart and they were very interested in his little machine.
One lady saw his ear bud and asked me, "what is at the other end of that?" (Papa said she might have thought it was a hearing aide) Several asked me, " how old is he?", and just shook their heads.

 After a few minutes, he could slam the puzzle together in seconds. He has a specific order for each piece placement.
 He likes to walk around the house and look at my family pictures and name everyone. He knows all his cousins, aunts,and uncles. He recognizes them even in pictures taken long before he or his brothers were born.
He likes to look at scrapbooks, too. (if you want to be Granny's favorite, that's all it takes) He is naming all the family members from our reunion last fall here.

Sometimes we look at the alphabet when we listen to the ABC song. These letters are from one of my many versions of scrabble.

We also read books. This is one of his favorite. (mine, too) I had this book when I was a kid. We shake our fingers, say tzzz, throw down our hats and stomp our feet with the cap salesman. I get our stuffed monkey out and wear a silly cap. I'm not sure what "tzzz" means. This book was translated from Swedish and I guess the translator didn't know, either.

 He also likes to play with my spool nativity set that Aunt Jenny made me and read a Christmas story book.
 I love to play games, but when everyone is here, it is hard, so I had the idea to have the big brothers over one at a time to play Scrabble with me. It is my favorite game, but I have never had anyone in my whole life who liked to play with me. The first thing I did when I got my phone was download it so now I always have someone to play with me. I don't like Phone's dictionary.
This one does not look like he likes to play with me, either. (He really does like playing the game....but not having his picture taken.)

This one came over to play Scrabble, too, but he had an agenda. He knew he had to play, but his real goal was to watch TV...a favorite activity at Granny's house that is limited at home. He did play, though... almost as long as his brother.
His real objective, though was to watch Yogi.
While he watched Yogi, I colored his homework. This is his handwriting practice paper. He writes one scripture for a week, then he can choose someone and gives it to them. Last week he chose his pastor and he was thrilled to get a thank you letter in the mail in return.
When the new central air was being installed, they came over with their real teacher and had school at my kitchen table. She confessed to me that she bribes them to do their work. (I hope that wasn't a secret) I am a big believer in bribes. My mother bribed me, I bribed my kids and I still bribe myself.


Meems said...

How precious! What great memories to be made.

Camezi said...

Great post. I enjoyed it while I was procrastinating.

Wendy said...

Lol to c's comment. Me too! I look so mean in that picture. I'm glad you're having fun with Granny school. It was fun reading about it.

L_M_Brown said...

I agree with what the other commenters said! That was such a darling post! I also love the description on your profile. It sounds just like the blog post that I wrote earlier today!