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Thursday, September 8, 2011

I don't think this is going to be a big surprise

#1 grandson  2/27/1998
#2    grandson       8/15/1990
#3   grandson   5/1/1992 
As I told you last week, I am out of pictures and  I have a new project that required finding pictures of me and each of my grandchildren so I thought you might like to see them. I have reached the point when I can no longer recite their birthdays so I hope I have them right. I do have a list, but some of these children have told me I have them mixed up with their brother.
I don't think they really mind, though, as long as they get their gift.
Some of these children make more money than me. I was thinking of a new family tradition: when you make more money than Granny, you start sending her a gift on your birthday.

#4    granddaughter         1/4/ 1994
#5    grandson          12/4/1997
#6    grandson         12/11/2000
#7     granddaughter  5/19/2003

#8      grandson 10/1/2005
#9     grandson         10/27/2005

#10    grandson      3/27/2007
#11      grandson   3/23/2009
#12      grandson     5/3/2011
My new project is called : "Things I think about" or "Things I want to tell you". Because my daughters have a few things on their mind, (see the aforementioned children) I can never tell them anything important that I need them to remember. They just look at me and say, "Mom, you don't honestly believe I am going to remember that, do you?" Well, yes, I do. So, I'm taking no chances and writing it down with a picture.
I got "proof of coverage" letters  from my health insurance company in the mail the other day and I was explaining to these children's grandfather what he would need to do when we no longer had our present insurance and started Medicare coverage. He said, "You don't honestly believe I am going to remember this, do you?"


Wendy said...

At this stage in my life, I'm doing good to remember ANYTHING. Write all that down, please. Fun seeing all the old pics, and all mine had the right bdays.

Camezi said...

Boy, that #6 was a big'n!