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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Terlingua Ghost Town

We did not see the wild fires on the trip, but much evidence from them. The electricity was off in Terlingua for a while the night we got there. This picture of Mc Donald's observatory near Ft. Davis was sent to Basil from a firefighter's cell phone. Ft. Davis was burned and we saw where the fire came right up to the town in Alpine.

Teralinqua and Terlingua Ghost Town are tourist towns now. There are many more restaurants and hotels than our last visit. This one was there in 1993 when we last visited and I remembered eating here.

Terlinqua Ghost Town was our sunrise shoot on our last day there. Mercury was mined here during the 1880's- WW2. It was once a town of 2000 with 4 mining companies. It is becoming a artist's town as well as a home for many adventure companies. You can find river guides, 4 wheelers, jeep tours as well as a guide for extended hikes. One company provides a 5 star chef on their 3 day river adventure. We went on a raft trip in 1993 when we were here.

The cemetery is still in use.

This is a 3 room hotel. It is not cheap.

We found a very nice breakfast here.

The food at the lodge in Big Bend was very good, also and the view not to be missed.

At the Boquillos canyon, we climbed the hill to look over into Mexico and spotted this guy going home.

They leave their handcrafts at different sites with a coffee can for you to leave your payment. It is illegal to buy them, but I hope it is not illegal to leave them a donation.

We picked Sotol Vista for one of our sunset shoots, but someone came along and talked us into leaving for another spot. We wished we had stayed. It was very smokey when we were here from the wild fires, but I think the sunset would have been nice.

We hiked into Santa Elena canyon. It was beautiful, but very hot. I got a sunburn. The river is so low, that some of the canoes were getting stuck in sandbars and they would all have to get out and pull them for a few yards. We thought this would be a fun family adventure some day.

I found a book about search and rescues in Big Bend. It was really interesting. Some of them were about people who did really stupid things, but some were just bad things happened that could not have been predicted and some were murders.

One of the rangers recommended it to me..her husband is a volunteer for search and rescue. She had met the author and is a retired school teacher.

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