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Monday, April 18, 2011

Big Bend National Park

We took a little trip to Big Bend last week for an anniversary trip. It's our 43rd! Our first date was a hike and we're still enthusiatically hiking all over the country.

It was very dry but the desert is still beautiful.

The ocotillo was the predominant plant that was doing well in the drought.

We tried to be somewhere special for sunrise and sunset every day.

The WindowThe deer were very skinny and sad looking.

But the Javelina looked fine. We found this one at the gas station drinking water from the driveway.


Camezi said...

Ocotillo--we read about it in school today. They make good hedges according to the encyclopedia.

Finding Joy in Him said...

Great pictures, but I am thankful for the green and rain we have here.

~J~ said...

I adore these pictures. What kind of camera did you use for this. And I'm also in love with the Title of your blog. Yes that was a good pick of a title. Therefore I will follow you. Hope your day is swell!

~J~ said...

And then I realized you can't be followed...=/ Still love the title and the content. Keep blogging!