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Saturday, April 9, 2011

Birthday Photo Shoot

Wendy let me tag along for B and C's birthday photo shoot. We chased B through Artist's Alley and hopefully got a few good shots accidentally. C at four was the perfect model. We took him near the new library and I thought you might like to see it. It opened this week. Here is an artist's rendition of the front of the building on Beauregard. It is the Hemphill Wells building just down the street from the old library. I love seeing downtown San Angelo restored and made useful and beautiful again. We recently made a list published by the National Trust for Historic Preservation of one of "America's dozen distinctive destinations". They called us "a frontier city with a rich past, a bustling downtown historic district and vibrant cultural offerings"!
The entrance is on Irving Street and it is named after the couple who chaired the fund raising over the last 7 years. They raised about $17 million and no tax money was used.


Wendy said...

No more photo shoots at nine mths pregnant. Well, after the one I have today. As incoorperative as Ben was, I got some great pictures of him. Not so many of easy Ca, though. I'm blaming it on pregnancy mush brain.

Camezi said...

Wendy looks so cute. I would like to see what the library actually looks like. . . the artist's version is phenomenal.

Finding Joy in Him said...

Both Wendy and Ca are just adorable. Great pictures.