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Friday, November 27, 2009

The Nativity Display at The De Golyer Home

Charlsie and the Christmas tree.
This is a 25,000 square feet home on the grounds of the arboretum. It is full of thousands and thousands of nativity scenes. I was amazed. I wish you all could see them. I took pictures of only a tiny fraction of them. This one is from Romania.
This is the library. The nativity scenes in here are on loan to the house and are all owned by one person. This is not the whole room, but you can get an idea of how overwhelming it is.

The owner made little cards to go with each one that say where he got them and what country or state they are from.

This one says made by Mom. There were more made by other family members.

This one is ceramic.

This is a table with several scenes.

This one is from Alaska.

You can read the card on this one.