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Friday, November 20, 2009

E. Frasure, RN

I am seriously procrastinating this afternoon. Aka hanging out on One of the posts today was from someone who just passed NCLEX exam and is a RN as of today. Of course, I get all nostalgic and come here and show you some photos. Here I am in 1967. Did I ever go to work looking like this? Probably not much. I did wear this uniform and cap for about 6 weeks while I had the only nursing job I ever hated in the ICU at Harris Hospital in Ft. Worth. This is mostly what I looked like at work in the first 20 years of my career.
Or the time I took a self portrait when I was supposed to be taking a picture during plastic surgery.

Do I miss the "Good old days" when were wore white dresses and caps...Not at all. I also remember the first day we were allowed to wear pant uniforms. That was a good day, too.


Wendy said...

Cute! It's funny to me that you actually wore those caps.

Camezi said...

I like seeing those pictures of you! You are so pretty. :)

Finding Joy in Him said...

Very nice. Thanks for sharing.