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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

More Things that make me smile

I have to agree with Hannah Whitehall Smith, the author of The Christian's Secret of a Happy Life, who is quoted as saying:
"If being a grandmother was only a matter of choice, I should advise every one of you straight away to become one. There is no fun for old people like it!"
I loved this thank you note from my oldest grandson, Joshua.

I looked for an older one in his scrapbooks and found this:
and this: Josh and I "several" years ago.

Something else that made me smile...Josh's mother made me this. I'm sure those old spools belonged to my mother. She has been in my thoughts a lot the last few days. I put some of her lace and ribbons on my new towels last week and saw some of her fabric that a friend made into a apron.


Finding Joy in Him said...

Yes, those are Mamalene's spools. I wasn't sure what to think when I read his note.. wasn't sure how I'd feel if I received such a formal note from my grandson. I said something.. he said "That's just how I write." Glad it made you smile. J

Camezi said...

I like writing like that sometimes, too. ;)