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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Welcome back, 86 degrees

I was inappropriately happy for the return of warm weather today. Those 7 degree days are not in my comfort zone. We went to the lake and enjoyed the sunshine this afternoon.
We threw rocks (and a penny) in the lake. I told Z to make a wish when he threw in the penny. He wished that he could fly.

We love to find a huge slide like this. The one at the park near my house is gone. They are putting in new play equipment and grass...which is a good thing. Stickers had taken over there and made it hard to enjoy the park.

We also saw deer, ducks, thousands of birds coming in to roost in the trees at sunset, but no rattlesnakes.

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Camezi said...

I am a lot happier now that we have warm, sunny weather, too. I am too scared to drive on ice! I love the pictures. Throwing a p-e-n-n-y can be very fun.

Your OCD daughter