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Friday, January 21, 2011

Bathroom Makeover

Every year at Christmas, my husband asks me what I want and I ask him to do a project in the house. This year, we did a bathroom makeover. I don't have a before picture. but it was hunter green and cranberry red plaid with a map of the world wallpaper that we put in there over 20 years ago and was very 80's. I did find a couple "before the before" pictures, though and I knew you would love to see them. Here is daughter #1 getting her hair done on her wedding day. She is going to celebrate her 25th anniversary this year. This wallpaper is original to the house. I had forgotten what it looked like. I like it better than the green and cranberry.
Another before the before picture with daughters #2 and #3. They think it is a prophetic picture. Daughter #2 last name is now Morris. Oops, actually this is the other bathroom. That wallpaper is still there! Well, at least the carpet is gone. Maybe this will be for next Christmas.
I think the rug may be too small for the space. It is the only size available that matches the shower curtain. Since the walls had never been painted, we had to texture it, then painted it grey.
We got a new light fixture, and painted the mirror frame.
This is one of our photos of the trestle near Cloudcroft, New Mexico after a snow. I can exchange it for a different photo in the spring.
With the map of the world gone, I had a space for another one of our photos. This is a lake near Tampa, Florida where Jenny took us when we visited her.
I started with the shower curtain and choose my colors from it.
I found this trash can at Ross for $8. The regular bathroom trash cans are $20.
We got new towel racks and paper dispenser and made this little shelf. I need another something to put up there. This photo is the "Overseas railroad" in Florida.


Wendy said...

I had forgotten the before the before, too. It looks great! I like your candles. Really adds a nice touch.

Camezi said...

Wow. That looks amazing!It looks wonderful. You know, the weird thing is that I didn't see the paper in the picture of Jenny on the wall. It was little white and blue flowered paper. I didn't see any big brown flowers.

Camezi said...

P.S. It's kinda weird for a trash can to say "garden" on it. I'm just sayin'.

Finding Joy in Him said...

I can't believe you let your #1 daughter get married so young. She looks like she's just a baby! Love the change in the bathroom. Looks totally different.

dubert said...

Nice window opened on your life...