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Friday, November 12, 2010

New York City Scrapbook

First, I wanted to show you this book I got at a garage sale. I want to try to find this whole Collection. They are easy to read and have beautiful illustrations. I have read several books on the Civil War recently and have learned a lot. I was excited to be able to add a page to my National Park Scrapbook. This is our 28th national park and one of our favorite.

I finished my New York City album. This is a record for the largest album for the shortest visit ever. We were really impressed and enjoyed the city immensely even though we had never even thought of visiting there. We see it on TV every day, but it never seemed real.
The thing that impressed me most was how really small the area is in relationship to the number of people, buildings and things happening. It is nothing like West Texas, that is for sure. I have a whole new perspective when reading books or watching movies that involve that area and Boston. I never realized how much is written and filmed about those cities.

I am just going to show you a few pages from the album. They are really too small to be seen here. This page is one of my favorite.
  • Dog walkers was one thing I really wanted to see in Central Park and this group of young people were working together walking their dogs. Last week I read a novel about a writer in NYC who started walking her neighbor's dog because she had writer's block. She lost 20 pounds in addition to making some serious money.
  • Also on this page you see a nanny on her phone with twins in the stroller. The baby you can't see gave me the biggest smile ever.
  • The statue is Robert Burns and the street is called Poet's Avenue.
  • The couple on the bench were getting their wedding photos done. Her shoes and flowers were orange and they looked really happy.
  • There were musicians everywhere all over the city.
  • The last two photos are the filming of Madonna's movie.
    This is Top of the Rock at sunset and dark. We stayed up there at least 3 hours.
    I've already showed you these photos of Brooklyn,
    the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens.
    and the Japanese Gardens.
    I finished this album quickly because I have been off for over a week. We have a low census right now so everyone has been getting lots of time off. I have most of my photos printed and I'm ready to start working on the cruise album now.


Finding Joy in Him said...

Judi has a friend who wants to teach her violin so they can be street musicians together. I think we should take up dog walking instead.

Camezi said...

I'm enjoying catching up on your blog today. I really should knit less.