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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

New Brunswick, Canada

I went downtown and shopped and took pictures until my battery died. Much of downtown St. John is connected by their Pedway, which is an indoor sidewalk. See the green floor with the blue sign? That's the pedway. Very useful in Canada in the winter, I think. City Market was beautiful. It is like a farmer's market, but the size of a supermarket, with every kind of food you can think of and many I had never imagined. They had a lot of beautiful crafts for sale, too. The guy in the black t- shirt was our guide. He had Basil take this picture.
Whatdyathink? Basil says it kind of grows on you. He also took our picture. Then he told us to get back on the bus. My now famous, title page. Yeah, that's a post card. I bought a lot of post cards on this trip.

Le Preau Falls and Reversing Rapids were the main attractions that we visited on our photography tour. The rapids reverse every 12 hours so we had to go there twice. We had lots of time on the bus with the guide telling jokes. Really, it was more interesting than it sounds. We went to a little fishing village, too. See the blue boats. There were a lot of interesting churches on that road, but I was on a bus and couldn't get off.
One of the excursions were jet boats. I was happy to see everyone had on life jackets. They were pretty wild.

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ScrappnBee said...

great job so far! I love using postcards in my travel LOs. Why be disapointed when a professional already took the pic for you! :)