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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Why Dad had to leave the Family Reunion a day early

I am going to need some help to photoshop Dad into the picture. We got everyone else in a good place, but he hid behind someone. He had to get back early for the Ministry Showcase at church....13 hours, 45 minutes driving with rain for at least 4 of those hours.

When the pastor asked for everyone who had a ministry represented to come to the front, not many were left in the audience.

Theresa has a cute new haircut!

The pastor's wife visits WPC's table.

Sue throws her hands up.

Some ministries came in costume and others gave food.

We worked really hard on this video....glad someone stopped to listen.

Roy had some photos of Guatamala and Brazil...even a picture of Liz!

The missions table won the prize. It was next to WPC' can we say Dad came close to winning?

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Camezi said...

Dad's table looks very nice.