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Friday, October 1, 2010

Brooklyn: Walking to Prospect Park

Saturday morning before we boarded the ship, we walked from our hotel in Brooklyn to Prospect Park,which the books said was a mile. It was uphill and seemed longer but it was beautiful and very interesting. This is an example of the beautiful brownstones in the Park Sloop neighborhood, an upscale area of Brooklyn. One of these little apartments is over a million dollars.
Many of them have a tiny little area beside the stoop for a garden and they plant flowers and vegetables and many people were out on the stoops cleaning up after the storm and visiting with their neighbors on Saturday morning. We also saw several young fathers pushing strollers or holding the hands of preschoolers.
We found this tribute to Brooklyn fireman on the sidewalk among the resturants and apartments.
We saw many veterinary clinics. One guide told us many New Yorkers live alone and are very attached to their pets. This one is just for cats.

It is easy to see why New Yorkers don't cook. There are all kinds of restaurants, carts and deli's everywhere. The smell of food on the street is wonderful and tempting.

The building with the gold top is One Hanson Place, the most expensive apartment building in Brooklyn, with one apartment available now for $8.4 million. Google it. They have a beautiful web site.

There are beautiful murals everywhere...and some not so beautiful, but still just as interesting.

As we neared the park, we found the Green Market, open every Saturday with baked goods and farm fresh vegetables. We found something to drink!

And lots of music

Grand Army Plaza, one entrance to the park, is a tribute to the Civil War.

We walked by the library,

and finally arrived at the Botanical Gardens, established in the 1920's, just one of many beautiful features of the 585 acre park.

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