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Monday, October 11, 2010

Brooklyn Botanical Gardens

I have been working on my pictures. I made a 5x7 20 page "everyday book" on Snapfish (with a coupon) for a lady we met while hiking in Acadia National Park. She forgot her camera and we promised to send her some pictures. It just cost me $2.04 to have it shipped to her. I also made another book on line for us with a coupon and just paid for shipping. I love making those books on line and can't resist free coupons.

This is another photo from our walk in Brooklyn on Saturday morning. It's a Brooklyn style garage sale. We also walked by this very pretty Community Garden.
You can volunteer and work in the these gardens in many Brooklyn communities. They grow flowers as well as vegetables.
Brooklyn Botanical Gardens: The Japanese Garden

Sometimes we take pictures of each other taking pictures.
Is that weird?

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Finding Joy in Him said...

Action photos grow fewer and farther between as we get older. For babies smiling, eating, sitting up, and walking count as wonderful, momentous photos.