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Monday, August 30, 2010

My weekend with some of my favorite people

I visited daughter #2 and her family this weekend. She was sick with an earache and went to see Dr. Paine as soon as I arrived. She was excused from from the photos this time, but if you look at the door, you can see her. One of our facebook (and real life) friends posted a photo of her granddaughter building a huge house of cards. Here is our version.
Boomer is a very sweet dog. One of the kids told me he acts like he is half cat. He gave me lots of love and I came home with some black hairs on my white shirt but still missing my kitty. The boys offered to get me a new one from a neighbor down the street who feeds strays.

Plumbers assistant and Dad are installing a new water filter.

The homeschooling group visited an apple orchard this week. They came home with 4 bags of apples. I peeled and sliced the ripe ones and #1 son made a pie. He had no recipe and with everyone in the family telling him he was doing it wrong, he made a delicious apple pie. I brought a piece home to Papa and he thought so, too.

We went to the park.
We are very grateful the weather is a little cooler!

We came home with a flat tire, but big brother helped him fix it.


Finding Joy in Him said...

Looks like you had a good time. Glad you got to hang. Thanks for posting pictures.

Camezi said...

FIVE bags of apples, actually.