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Monday, September 13, 2010

Nurse Granny visits a homeschool group

I enjoyed visiting a local homeschool group and talking about nurses this week. The hospital let me borrow their germ powder and black light so the children could practice washing their hands and seeing the germ powder glowing if they didn't do a good job. All the children knew me as Granny. Some of them, including my own grandchildren were surprised to find out that I was a nurse. They were shocked when I wore my scrubs and asked me why I had on those clothes.
We read a book about what nurses do and where they work and every family got to take a book about handwashing home.

We traced our hands and put germs on them.

The little girl in the plaid on the right wants to be a nurse. The little girl in the aqua beside her is scared of blood and doesn't like shots. In fact, she told me she doesn't like anything that happens at the Doctor's Office.
I took some of my tools and instruments and told them how I used them.

I told them my most important tool was my name badge because if I didn't have it, I didn't get paid. (Some of the Mommies laughed)