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Monday, May 17, 2010

Historic Mountain Farm Museum

These buildings are from the late 19th century and were assembled from different locations and brought to this site near the Oconaluftee visitors center.

Apple House

Cantilever Barn
the stalls were in the middle of the structure with a large loft overhang on both sides. (Pay attention, there will be a test.)

The blacksmith shop looked very familiar to me. I watched my grandfather work in his for hours when I visited him.

The garden

Sorghum press and still

The house was built from chestnut trees. In the 1930's, the chestnut trees in America were destroyed by a blight.

This river is in the front yard.
This big chimney is for cooking.

I'm thinking there was not much sittin' on the porch taking place here. Looks like more workin' than sittin'.
Especially for the women