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Friday, May 14, 2010

Gatlinburg, Tennesee: gateway to the Smokey Mountains

The road we took to the park every morning

We stayed at this huge time share in Gatlinburg. We had two adjoining apartments.

My husband is very meticulous about packing. He is quite the opposite at home.

Our living room

with a little balcony

We cooked breakfast and supper and packed a lunch every day. Jenny always beat me to washing the dishes.

Downtown Galinburg is full of anything you would want to do or see.(Or buy)

J took a picture of Papa taking a picture of him!J took this from the sky ride.

We found this museum while looking for parking. ( Free parking if you go to the museum, so we did!) It was really nice. It has 12 scenes of the life of Christ with music and scriptures and dialog.

I had never eaten at a Hard Rock Cafe. I still haven't. We really intended to, but the music was too loud.This is just to show you that San Angelo isn't the only town with painted animals. They are all over the country. We saw moose in Colorado last year. West Yellowstone has buffalo. St. Paul Minnesota has Snoopy's. Los Angeles has angels. Cincinnati has pigs. This craze was apparently started in Chicago when they painted cows to sell at auction and raised $3.5 million for charity. This fellow is in Cherokee, North Carolina, a little town on an Indian Reservation on the other side of the park.

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Wendy said...

If you ever want to race me to wash the dishes, I'll let you win everytime!