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Monday, March 15, 2010

Surprising San Angelo

Remember my San Angelo project? Here are the pictures I have found for it so far:
One of our rare snow days. My assistant took this behind the church in February:
Twin Buttes
The river behind the church when there is no snow

The Lily Garden

The Sunken Gardens

Poppies in the Sunken Gardens

The Visitors Center....gotta love these crazy sheep all over town!

The pioneer women at the visitors center

O.C. Fisher Dam from San Angelo State Park


Wendy said...

That snow one's my favorite!! Gorgeous with the changing leaves!

Marlene said...

Gorgeous photos. Makes me want to visit the area. The tourism people should offer you a job. ;)

Camezi said...

My favorite is the bridge. You can see the white, fluffy clouds in the water! So cool! They are all wonderful.

EmilyRSPS said...

Lovely!!! Your town looks so beautiful! :D

jayne said...

Your photos of San Angelo are beautiful. How funny, my brother-in-law just moved there!