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Monday, March 15, 2010

More Surprising San Angelo

I have the soup in the crock pot and I'm back to talk about my latest excuse to take pictures. I started working on my "San Angelo Scrapbook" and decided I didn't have that many great pictures after all. I enlisted an assistant and wandered around town for a couple of hours yesterday and here is what we brought home:
Celebration Bridge (my assistant was reluctant to get closer to the naked mermaid)
Fort Concho

More Fort Concho

Lone Wolf Bridge (recently closed to traffic)

Passing the Rope

Old Town Historic District

Old Train Depot

Now I have a new idea. I like to give little gifts to the nurses I work with at Christmas and I think it would be fun to make little coffee table books (maybe they will be end table books) on Snapfish or Shutterfly for everyone. I could use coupons and get them fairly inexpensively, I think, with special offers. I have 9 months to work on them. What do you think? Would you like to get something like that?
Anyone have any suggestions for some other pictures of San Angelo? (You will get credit in my book if I use your suggestion.)


Camezi said...

Y'all are such good photographers! I'll never think of that mermaid without thinking about the bra incident!

Wendy said...

What about where we took C's pics?