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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Tuesdays at the River

We took the boys for a walk on the river again today during piano lessons. Now, I know you are thinking:"That is what she blogged about last Tuesday". Well, you would be right. I do other things, but I just don't take pictures of them. It was 103 today and we went at 4. We found a lot of turtles. Papa threw mosquite beans into the river and they all came to see if it was bread.

The TurtlesWe also saw a mama duck and her two babies.

Z can do so many things that he couldn't do at the park just a few months ago. He also laughs at my jokes, which makes him very popular with me.

One of the many sheep that decorate our downtown. Other things I've been up to:

  • Read some good books. I added them to my shelf over there. You can click on them and see a review.
  • Made some cards and some scrapbook pages. (got another Snapfish order, but I am really low on photos.)
  • Had a fight with my husband today. He commented he did not enjoy the lunch I made for him. Well, it was Hamburger Helper....he was not supposed to like it.


Camezi said...

We occasionally have food "fights" at our house, too. Ours is always over variety. We don't really fight. He feels bad because he wants something I'm not giving him and I feel sad because I don't want to work harder to give it to him.

Iz saw your pictures and he wants to hang out with y'all, too.

Wendy said...

I make Chris help me come up with a menu.

kablot spot said...

I love that you said he was not supposed to like it. Was it a punishment? And... as a woman who has been married for a long time to one who wants to be married someday, is this a tool that I could someday use to harass my husband? (Why am I not married? Hehe!)

I have lots of tools for torturing children saved up in the back of my mind for later use, but husband torture is limited at this time. (Torture- the funny kind- is my favorite love language.)

Finding Joy in Him said...

Too, hot. I hope I am not leaving my cool weather to see you in the hot weather.