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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

What Texans Do in the Spring

After a week, I like (very much) being retired. I am getting some sleep. (I think I have stopped waking up every night screaming) I honestly did not believe I was stressed. But now I know the difference and I guess I was stressed. I made Thank You cards for my friends at work who gave me very nice gifts, even though I told them not to. And I really like my Pandora bracelet that was a gift from the hospital.
Allister went to a nurses workshop and his lovely family came to visit us last weekend.
We took a little bluebonnet trip with them to Fredricksburg and to Wildseed Farms.
Isaac took our "48th Anniversary" picture. How do you like my sale shirt? I discovered it was 2 different colors when I wore it outside. But it was only $7 with a coupon.

The real Texas tradition: Get out on the median of a 6 lane Interstate and take family pictures. You will have to wait in line.

Wildseed Farms
Zion went hiking with us.  
At Lady Bird Municipal Park
There was a huge Volkswagon  gathering there that the rest of the family explored.

This spring has been the best for wildflowers in Texas....thank you, Lord for the rain!

The kids liked German Food. I'm thinking they are 1/8th German. Their great grandmother was German.
Shopping in the rain in Fredricksburg.


Finding Joy in Him said...

Wow! Really wish I could have gone. :)

Fawn said...

Thanks for sharing your photos. I love Fredericksburg. Great shopping -- did you go to the scrapbook store there? We saw the Bluebonnets on the way to Austin a few weeks ago. I love being a TEXAN.

Leslie Webster said...

You have some lovely photos and (sigh) I am waiting for the day I can retire, at least from my current job.