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Monday, April 13, 2015

There is a possibility that perhaps, I might be retired. But I'm not sure.

Retirement is not something I planned, but in the past two weeks, it seems this is the path the Lord has prepared for me.  I was made to take care of sick folks. I'm not sure I'm finished with that, but I did quit my job and I don't have another one! Anybody need a nurse?
You have heard about Judi and Bob, our roommates. Judi is in heaven, now, but I have to think she might be peaking down, thinking, "It's about time, dummy!" She never did think much of some of my decisions. And she was not impressed by my intelligence.
Jeri  is famous for leading me down the wicked path of getting pierced ears and almost getting us kicked out of school. You should see the big honking diamonds I have been wearing to work lately, girlfriend. I think of you both often.

Barbies had not been invented when I was a little girl, but if they had, my dream house would have been a hospital. My dolls were always in bed, in their pajamas, with lots of band aids and shots. My doctor kit was well used. When I went to play with other girls, their dolls needed a lot of attention. I tried to teach them how to take care of them, but they really didn't get it. (This is my sweet Daddy and he kept me supplied with beds for the dolls.)

The first 20 years, I worked in surgery. This is what that is like.

 I picked the doctor's camera up by the shutter release and invented the selfie.

The last 26 years, I have spent on the rehab unit at Shannon, taking care of old folks.  More and more I am noticing that  I am older than my patients. I kept thinking one of them was going to ask me about that.

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Finding Joy in Him said...

I am going to make sure Judi reads this post. Thank you for sharing.