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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Mentone, Alabama

I had read about this cafe, so I was happy to find it still open when we arrived Sunday night. Their good reputation is well deserved.

Our cabin was just down the road on what they call the "brow" (edge) of Lookout Mountain.
The view from the back porch was amazing. There was even a train down in the valley several times a day.
We were out there for every sunset and sunrise and every other minute we weren't sleeping.
Sunrise is very early in Alabama...before 5. They are right on the edge of the time zone.
One evening we came back and there had been a storm. The valley was full of clouds. We were thinking we wouldn't get any good photos, but it was even better.
There is a hot tub on this porch, too.
The storm split the big tree by the front door.
Close up of tree
And there was a rainbow
Clouds in the valley of Lookout Mountain, Alabama
This Episcopal Church is in Mentone.

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Finding Joy in Him said...

Wow! Such an eventful back porch view.