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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The Cuddler

We are long gone!
I am still looking for ugly stuff to get out of my house (or hide). Getting my carpets cleaned was the perfect opportunity to get those ugly recliners out of my bedroom. I had been wanting to do this since I put them in there. We found this at Big! We both sat in it and held hands while we watched the National Park Series last night! One of us fell asleep. My next project is getting new drapes for my scrapbook room. I hope my daughter and her sister will help me next week when she comes. We will have to to some demolition because there is a big old board on the ceiling that holds that ugly 80's valance.


Camezi said...

Oh, DEMO! Sounds exciting! We saw that cuddler at Big Lots, too.

Wendy said...

That chair is amazing! Cuddler is the perfect name for it. Can't wait to do some demo.

Finding Joy in Him said...

The Cuddler looks much nicer. I'd show it to Mike if I didn't already own too much furniture.