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Friday, September 25, 2009

Closets and T Shirts

  • We had some beautiful fall weather this week and I am guessing that is what brought on an irresistible urge to clean closets. First, I went to Bealls to use my 20% off anything coupons that they send me every month. (something else I am unable to resist.) I came home with 5 pieces of clothing: 2 pants (both black) and 3 shirts. My total was $37.

  • That was when the urge came over me and I started dragging stuff out of my closet. The first two things, I found were shirts just like the ones I just bought with my coupons. Evidently, I really liked those shirts. As I started throwing stuff out of the closet, I found this collection of T shirts from my employer:

I did not count them but a conservative estimate would be 25 Shannon Hospital T shirts. Who wears these things? And who picks these colors? (Actually, I saw a lady in Walmart wearing that lime green one, yesterday.) Maybe this could be an answer to our "health care crisis": stop giving your employees t shirts and other useless gifts with your name on them.

  • I spent a very productive 30 minutes watching Decorating Cents and cutting these beauties up into dusting rags. When I finished with my closet, I went on to the room we affectionately call "the computer room" and did some serious damage in there.
  • Unfortunately, my compulsion got more and more out of control and I even ventured into my husband's sanctuary which he calls a library. Every wall is lined with books, but lately things have been accumulating in there and it could more accurately be called a storage room/exercise equipment room.
  • The same guy that started landscaping our flower beds two months ago and has yet to finish, gave him a "glider" which really put that room over the top for me. He used it four times and hurt his back on it. To his credit, he did agree to get rid of it and took it out of the room. Then he made a big mistake and went to work.
  • After discovering that I could actually walk into the room, I started cleaning in there. I knew I was in dangerous territory and sure enough, I am still hearing about the damage I did in there. He has already made progress getting it back to normal. I'm not sure if he visited the 7 bags of garbage I put out in the bin, but I'm sure I'll find out soon.


Wendy said...

Everytime I go in that room, I think about the day I'm going to have to clean it out. Thanks for getting a head start on it.

Camezi said...

Let me be an echo. THANK

I went through Z's closet today. My kids don't get much time to accumulate stuff. I'm constantly throwing it out. Poor dears.

When they buy a cheap toy, I tell them, "don't leave that laying around because it will go straight in the trash!"

Camezi said...

p.s. I like your t-shirt joke. Allister uses his for undershirts.

Carole said...

Have you watched the show on A&E called "Hoarders"? Make your husband watch it - mine is a packrat, but I think he's traumatized after watching that show and he's finally throwing stuff out! :-P

Finding Joy in Him said...

You're awful brave working on that room!

I am surprised that you didn't turn your t-shirts into a rug or something while watching that show.

I saw where they took t-shirts and wrapped them around styrofoam and used them as art.. great Christmas gift idea for your bosses.